Company owners and individual investor real estate owners both need commercial loans for their properties. If you are in need of financing for your commercial property, then it may be a good idea to team up with an experienced originator. A good commercial loan officer will be able to enlighten you on the different ranges of funding types. Here are a few examples of the most common loan products:

Cash out refinancing: You can apply for this type of commercial real estate loan when you need extra working capital for your business. The best part is that you get to take advantage of the lower rates on real estate deals to raise funds to operate your company with.

Loans for construction: If you are in a venture or construction project, then you can apply for this type of loan. The benefit is that you can get the majority of your project funded this way and then move over to more permanent financing later.

Conventional loans: If you have a commercial property and you want permanent, long term financing this is the best solution. Interest rates are also kept at a minimum with this type of financing.

Hard money loans; At times, borrowers can fail to qualify. It has happened to the best of us at one time or another. In this case, the borrower can apply for this type of short term financing and still get the property financed.

Bridge loans: This type of financing is a must for companies who have completed construction deals or otherwise need a shorter term loan to stabilize the property, until permanent financing can be applied for.

If you are looking for a commercial loan for your property and don’t know where to start, BLS Finance can help.

You can call us at 980-202-7990 or visit our website: Our experienced originators will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. No matter large or small you are as a company, we have a solution for your finance needs. Give us a try on your next commercial property loan!


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