Lenders have always had “Minimum Loan Amounts” for programs where financing is available to a company, secured against equipment. Often, these amounts can be as high as $50,000 or even $100,000, before a finance house will even entertain an application.

However, as the marketplace changes, new equipment financing programs are being introduced which have been opening up doors to small business owners for long-term, lower rate financing.

At BLS Finance , we are pleased to have programs where equipment can be financed with a Minimum Loan Amount as low as $10,000. This means that business equipment purchases which never would have qualified in the past, now qualify for financing or leasing. One example is a recent transaction where a used printing press sourced from a private seller was financed for $15,000 over 3 years. This means that it’s not just the minimum loan amounts which are becoming more flexible – it’s also the way the equipment can be sourced that adds value.

New, Used or Private Sale financing options can open up doors to purchasing business equipment in a much more cost-effective manner. Some common examples of business equipment we can help finance or lease in this price range include:

– Essential Medical Equipment.

– Auto Servicing Equipment.

– Landscaping Equipment.

– Restaurant Equipment.

– Computer / Tech Hardware.

– Construction Equipment.

– Embroidery / Printing Equipment.

– Dry Cleaning Equipment.

For more information, feel free to get in touch!

About BLS Finance || BLS Finance is a registered and bonded North Carolina Commercial Loan Originator. Consumer Protection Registration No. 223. BLS offers easy online applications, professional and friendly service, data security and competitive commercial loan rates to its clients. Call (980) 202-7990 9am – 5pm EST, Mon – Fri., email or visit


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