daycareBLS Finance has recently originated  commercial property financing for a Daycare Center in Idaho to purchase its first commercial brick-and-mortar location.
The loan represents 150% Loan-To-Value(LTV), versus the sale price of the property. The total use of funds was itemized on the term sheet as:

  1. $300,000 / Building / Land Acquisition.
    B. $100,000 / Building Improvements.
    C. $50,000 / Unsecured Working Capital.

The loan term and structure included excellent conditions for the business to establish and grow in the coming years. Some notable highlights were:

– First 6 Months Interest Only
– 300 Month Term (Fully Amortized)
– No Pre-Payment Penalty (After 3 Years)

The loan structure represents one of the highest LTV scenarios BLS Finance has originated  in recent years. The firm was able to achieve the financing  based almost entirely on future revenue projections for the daycare business itself.

About BLS Finance || BLS Finance is a registered and bonded North Carolina Commercial Loan Originator. Consumer Protection Registration No. 223. BLS offers easy online applications, professional and friendly service, data security and competitive commercial loan rates to its clients. For more information, contact Mark Hurst (980) 202-7990 9am – 5pm EST, Mon – Fri., email or visit


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